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Jose Rojas latest painting

Inspire to create and the joy of painting makes me feel complete. Currently working on this painting with a red background. So much on my mind, but I refuse to give up and put the brush down. Sometimes I feel I’m trying to hard, But then I realize no one has ever die from trying. So from me to you, hope you like it. Acrylic on canvas Painting with red background. Very interesting and funky piece.

     Art in progress from Jose Rojas 2016

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Opening the Art Vault

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Breaking News: Unfinished Art Coming soon.

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Heart Canvas Limited Time Promotion 

Heart Canvas 24 x 20 inch. Stretch canvas print of artist Jose Rojas. For only $69. Get yours today.  

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Hot of the press

The summer is finally over and we look forward to the last 4 months of the Year. Today I’m posting this painting made with acrylic on canvas. It’s a beautiful piece done from my dreamy fantasy world. Sometimes it best to listen and be different inhale and let your mind take you to that special place. 

Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30. By Jose Rojas. Copyright September 2015.

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this picture of a fish taken using my iphone6. Fish prop with ice, control lighting and make up to make the colors pop.