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Breaking Down the American League East

Breaking down the American League East

The American League east seems to be very competitive this year with the Baltimore Orioles spending an a lucrative amount of funds on 5 players while the Boston  Red Sox spent 217 million on one player and made various trades to get better. The Tampa Rays will continue to be the Rays and make trades to get better. While the Toronto blue jays lost David Price they still have a pretty great offense. The Yankees got better via trades w/ out spending any funds on major league free agents.

Baltimore Orioles- The Baltimore Orioles will definitely get more better on offense while they traded for Mark Trumbo although Mark Trumo is a defensive liability you have to play him in the field because Baltimore traded for him for his power bat this guy can swing the lumber and he’s still young. Also Matt Weiters accepted the QO because he had a down year in 2015 so he took the 1 year QO so he can restock his value because he needs to be the force in the middle of that lineup to drive in runs and he needs to be a catalyst for the pitching staff and help them up decent numbers but I highly doubt that. Chris Davis will be an imperative part as well even though he strikes out a lot he still hits the ball out of the park and he’s also a gap guy. Okay I can’t figure this out the O’S sign Alverez but I can’t believe he wasn’t tendered a contract by the Pirates so in hitter friendly Camden Yards he will double his home run total and get a multi year contract in 2017, so the O’S offense will be great. The pitching on the other hand I’m concerned about. I know they signed Gallardo but I don’t think that’s enough.

Boston Red Sox- Boston is an interesting team because they finished in last place the last two seasons but I think manager John Farrell is on a tight leash because in my estimation I think if they’re out by a substantial amount of games by the all star break Boston will fire him. It is imperative that they get off to a great start. Okay, so Boston signed David price this offseason he’s the true ace but after him the rotation is a concern nobody finished 200 plus innings in that rotation last year. It is important for that rotation especially to get off to a great start collectively and Clay Bucholtz needs to remain healthy in order for Boston to compete. I think Boston has a pretty good offense that can do damage if it was my team though I would keep mookie betts in CF and put JBJ in right. Hanley needs to stay healthy in order for him to be productive because Boston is paying him a lot of money to produce they’re not paying him to spend the majority of the season on the DL. If it was my team I wouldn’t put Hanley at first I would put him at third and put Panda at first because he’s bigger and you don’t have to range that far for first base. Pedrioa needs to stay healthy period. Another year older in his final season I don’t think you can doubt Ortiz to hit 35 plus home runs and drive in 135. If all these things mesh well they will be pretty good.

Tampa Rays- I just need to say this about Tampa they have a great pitching staff and more coming from the minors if they can just score enough runs on a consistent basis they will be a pretty potent team coming out of the AL East. I like the trade they made for Corey Dicerson in order to enhance the offense!! Dickerson hit 304 last year w/ the Rockies w/ 10 home runs. W/ more playing time I have no doubt he will enhance his numbers to make a strong line up that includes, Longoria,Loney,forsythe and Pearce. I like their offense this year!!

Toronto Blue Jays – Toronto has a potent offense there’s no doubt if Donaldson, Bautista and Encarnacion can put up the same numbers they put up in 2015 they can just put up enough runs to win games. Their Pitching staff is a concern after losing price. It’s still unknown what Marcus Stroman will do for 30 plus starts although he was impressive after coming back late last year due to injury posting a 4-0 1.67 era in 27.0 IP he’s the catalyst for this starting rotation. Although quick side note to mention he graduated from duke university while on the disabled list last year!!

New York Yankees- First of all let’s start w/ the 3 headed monster out of the bullpen. Betances, Miller, and Chapman these 3 guys led the major last year in bullpen strike outs. Betances- 131, Miller-100, Chapman-116 so our bullpen is one of our key strengths and I know he faltered late last year but you have to throw Shreves name in there he was dominant for the first five months. The offense was 2nd in runs last years so even though the veterans are 1 year older they can still produce and Starlin Castro is going to be significantly better then Stephen Drew!! Chase Headly should be the player of old and drop those errors from a year ago. The only concern I have is the starting rotation, and I also don’t believe that CC Sabathia is competing for the 5th spot in the rotation regardless if he finishes spring training bad or good I think that spot is his considering that he’s never pitched out of the bullpen in his career and he’s making about $25 million . If the rotation can stay healthy expect them to compete and pitch 200 innings this year.
Written By John Torres