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Post workout meal photo.

Grill chicken breast, cup of brown rice, steam broccoli and bok Choy, 1 slice of sweet yellow platano.



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A quick healthy meal.

Sometimes we don’t have the time to prepare a healthy meal so we don’t eat healthy. A quick solution to a healthy meal is to cut up a bunch of veggies add seafood, such as, shrimps and fish add a tablespoon of olive oil and your favorite spices and put in a steamer.


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Traditional Dominican dish.

This traditional Dominican dish everyone should know. Rice and red beans, grill chicken breast and sweet plantains. I love to cook and eat Dominican food.

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Lighting Portrait 101

Lighting portrait 101

To light a portrait a lot of us immediately think what type of light can i used and the simple answer is whatever is available. That’s all you need, because that’s what you have. Now don’t get me wrong with a chunk of cash you can get quality professional strobes that can run you over $5,000 on a basic kit and if your field demands that type
equipment get it, practice and wait for the bookings to come in. Now if you are like most of us that want to be there but can’t a simple kit will do. You can even improvise
and visit a hardware store, go online and use the web to find millions of how to sites.
remember one thing for all we know you might create the next invention. One suggestion don’t burn the house down. Now back to the topic of lighting. Use whatever you have have I remember doing and entire house party with no lighting at all and guest what I got some pretty good pictures. Of course many occasion you can do without. Show up to a magazine photo meeting and tell them you don’t use light, you will never find work in that town or any other town. If you wan to make and impression learn how to use lighting properly. I bet most people don’t know or don’t care what type of lighting you are going to use. Show with a camera flash and some customers will be happy with that. The bottom line is to practice don’t invest a lot, buy simple and grow from there and don’t forget practice, practice and more practice that’s how you will become better. LIGHTING SUGGESTION 101 COMING SOON. For more information visit