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Yankee Stadium in The Bronx

As the season comes to an end and we look back all we can see it's past glory. If you ever visited 'the house that Ruth Build" you know what I'm talking about.

It's that feeling of old monument field. It's the plaque's. It's the stadium itself that used to get us excited. Let me stop feeling emotional as we can't live in the past.

Which brings face to face with the new Yankees and the lack of leadership. Girardi who. Arod who. Texeira who. Well you get the point. They do have some up and coming 

talent. Such as, Sanchez, Didi, and Castro. But the pitching and some fans need improvement. Well I still love the old Yankee stadium. Im from the Bronx. The Boogie Down

Bronx to many. Now enjoy this photo of what a real house looks like and let us continue to hunt for the top.

Ps. haters will hate, but David Ortiz and the Red sox are on top.

Photograph by: Jose Rojas

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Jose Rojas | Upcoming Artwork

jose rojas art

Work in progress. By Artis Jose Rojas 2016 |

We can always count on artist Jose Rojas to provide his fans with what the enjoy most his colorful artwork. So Jose Rojas decide to create a new art collection in smaller scale, size 11 x 14 canvases. Which will be very fun for people that want to decorate their wall with his art. Jose Rojas love to make his fans happy. Here is his first piece he is working on. Inspired by the recent killing of a beautiful Gorila at a zoo.    

   Work in progress. By  Artis Jose Rojas 2016

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New Art video | Jose Rojas

New video of  artist Jose painting in the studio. 

Getting a much need it painting therapy. Letting my mind wonder into a fantasy of lust and freedom. Wake me up when I run out paint and canvases. This art game is mine. Making a small 11 x 14 size collection with you in mind. Watch Video here.

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Opening the Art Vault

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Hot of the press

The summer is finally over and we look forward to the last 4 months of the Year. Today I’m posting this painting made with acrylic on canvas. It’s a beautiful piece done from my dreamy fantasy world. Sometimes it best to listen and be different inhale and let your mind take you to that special place. 

Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30. By Jose Rojas. Copyright September 2015.

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All eyes on Jose Rojas 

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Artist to watch: Jose Rojas

artist a Jose Rojas has done a numerous amount of work. While he stays under the radar and keeps working hard. Jose Rojas is becoming a genious in his colorful fun styled. Here is a quick glance at his current master piece. Always reaching in the treasure crate of top artist, including Keith haring, Andy Warhol, jean Basquait and many others as you can see in this painting. He keeps  his art in secret and many continue to ask for more.  

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Color Shapes

This original painting is currently for sale.   At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system.   Please contact the artist Jose Rojas directly to inquire about purchasing this original.

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Jose Rojas art of desire.

This baby is not complete. It has that feeling of desire. I want to share this with you and hope it opens your heart to happiness. Love (@mrjoserojas)