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The Yankees bats are starting to heat up

johntorresWe’ve all made a big deal that the Yankees offense wasn’t producing especially with runners in scoring position (RISP).
So it seems like when the weather heats up so does the bats. Entering Tuesday 05-10-2016 the Yankees find their selves in last place in the AL east, but during the current home stand the Yankees are 4-1 scoring 5.6 runs a game while hitting .273 collectively. During the current home stand the Yankees are pitching with an ERA of 3.80 while hitting 7 home runs. The Yankees entered Tuesday with Masahiro Tanaka taking the mound. Tanaka gave up 6 earned runs while striking out 4 and walking zero the third start this season that he hasn’t walked a single batter. While Gregorious hits a 3 RBI (run batted in) double to give Yankees 5-3 lead. Tanaka gave 3 home runs a two run homer to cuthbert, a solo homer to Cain and another 3 run bomb to Cain. At that point the Kansa City Royals have a 6-5 lead over the Yankees. Heading into the bottom of the 7th McCann is at first base with a long opposite single, Beltran was after and Beltran struck out but wait a minute he actually doesn’t strikes out the count restarts at 0-2 because Joakim  Soria actually balks and McCann ends up in scoring position. Beltran gets out any way and there is two outs and Ackley is after Beltran and he hits a clutch single between the third baseman and short stop luckily for McCann it wasn’t hit hard enough and he’s able to slide in head first and the Yankees tie it up 6-6 Ackley is able to move to second on the throw. Hicks is able to hit an RBI clutch double to give the Yankees a 7-6 lead at that point the Yankees are getting some momentum. We head to the top of the 8th and Miller serves up a 2-1 Slider down the pipe to Lorenzo Cain and we’re tied 7-7 Miller is able to get out of the inning just allowing the one run, also a note to remember Miller relinquished his closers role to accommodate Chapman, pitching the 8th as opposed to the 9th is a whole different mentality that you have to have. Heading into the bottom of the 8th Ben Gamel hits a grounder that seems to be routine but with Gamels speed that forces Escobar to bobble the ball and kick it with the heel of his leg. That misplay would play huge for the Yankees as Brett Gardner hits an RBI clutch double with one as Ben Gamel scores all the way from first. out to take the lead 8-7. Castro gets hit in the shoulder he takes first, then McCann comes up and hits a huge 1 out 2 RBI double scoring Castro all the way from first. The Yankees take a 10-7 lead. Chapman records his first Yankee save with a man on third and retires Cain for the final out.

“We would have lost 7-0 a couple weeks ago Brett Gardner said”.

Written By: John Torres

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Introducing The Road to Paradise.

A black and white photograph of The Road to paradise. It may look full of obstacle,but we must get there to achieve the unthinkable. Photo Taken by Jose Rojas and turned black and white using photoshop. I hope you enjoy this picture. Prints and others products available now at The Road to Paradise Premium Prints.

road to paradise
road to paradise
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Heart Canvas Limited Time Promotion 

Heart Canvas 24 x 20 inch. Stretch canvas print of artist Jose Rojas. For only $69. Get yours today.  

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Artist to watch: Jose Rojas

artist a Jose Rojas has done a numerous amount of work. While he stays under the radar and keeps working hard. Jose Rojas is becoming a genious in his colorful fun styled. Here is a quick glance at his current master piece. Always reaching in the treasure crate of top artist, including Keith haring, Andy Warhol, jean Basquait and many others as you can see in this painting. He keeps  his art in secret and many continue to ask for more.  

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Art should be fun.

New painting from artist Jose Rojas. Virgin Pop

Art Prints

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Follow our Dreams.