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Jose Rojas | Upcoming Artwork

jose rojas art

Work in progress. By Artis Jose Rojas 2016 |

We can always count on artist Jose Rojas to provide his fans with what the enjoy most his colorful artwork. So Jose Rojas decide to create a new art collection in smaller scale, size 11 x 14 canvases. Which will be very fun for people that want to decorate their wall with his art. Jose Rojas love to make his fans happy. Here is his first piece he is working on. Inspired by the recent killing of a beautiful Gorila at a zoo.    

   Work in progress. By  Artis Jose Rojas 2016

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New Art video | Jose Rojas

New video of  artist Jose painting in the studio. 

Getting a much need it painting therapy. Letting my mind wonder into a fantasy of lust and freedom. Wake me up when I run out paint and canvases. This art game is mine. Making a small 11 x 14 size collection with you in mind. Watch Video here.

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Opening the Art Vault

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Introducing The Road to Paradise.

A black and white photograph of The Road to paradise. It may look full of obstacle,but we must get there to achieve the unthinkable. Photo Taken by Jose Rojas and turned black and white using photoshop. I hope you enjoy this picture. Prints and others products available now at The Road to Paradise Premium Prints.

road to paradise
road to paradise
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New York Yankees Brett Gardner sits

 Brett  Gardner sits

Gardner sits on opening day as opposed to Jacoby Ellsbury. If you remember Ellsbury sat down last year in the American League Wild Card game against these same Houston Astros team against the same started in Dallas Keuchel. Hicks will get the nod in left field over Gardner, he was not happy about this decision, here is his quote.

"It's definitely disappointing, "Gardner said. "I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I don't want to start opening day, because obviously I do, but I understand where Joe's coming from and respect his decision."

Gardner went 0-4 against Houston in the AL Wild Card game, striking out 3 times against Dallas Keuchel. So you understand this decision a little bit better.

Written by John Torres