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Jose Rojas | Upcoming Artwork

jose rojas art

Work in progress. By Artis Jose Rojas 2016 |

We can always count on artist Jose Rojas to provide his fans with what the enjoy most his colorful artwork. So Jose Rojas decide to create a new art collection in smaller scale, size 11 x 14 canvases. Which will be very fun for people that want to decorate their wall with his art. Jose Rojas love to make his fans happy. Here is his first piece he is working on. Inspired by the recent killing of a beautiful Gorila at a zoo.    

   Work in progress. By  Artis Jose Rojas 2016

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Opening the Art Vault

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The Art of Jose Rojas


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New Art From Jose Rojas

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the native queen dressed in yellow, with a white flower on the side of her head. in a orange, red and blue background. great for your wall.

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Slideshow of Jose Rojas