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Desdenyc Hat Collection – New Arrivals

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Jose Rojas Releases Book

New This Week

Jose Rojas releases his new Book, The Arts of Jose Rojas – Drawings from the past. Who knew he would share his art in book form. The book The Art of Jose Rojas – Drawings from the Past Is a collection of Drawings with artist inspired stories by Artist, turn author Jose Rojas. He always wanted to write something and now he did and this what he shares with us.

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New Images of Jose Rojas

Jose Rojas_0016

The joy of practicing my dream. Always looking for that special moment and time. My camera allows me to live my life walking on air. The time disappears and thats when my vision is focus on natures beauty. My brains searches for yes moments and I love to share what jumps into my camera. I always want more than what I do. Wish I can Just create and love and share, I hope these images touch you and bring you inner peace. Happiness is life.







jose rojas_0023

jose rojas_0009

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Yankee Stadium in The Bronx

As the season comes to an end and we look back all we can see it's past glory. If you ever visited 'the house that Ruth Build" you know what I'm talking about.

It's that feeling of old monument field. It's the plaque's. It's the stadium itself that used to get us excited. Let me stop feeling emotional as we can't live in the past.

Which brings face to face with the new Yankees and the lack of leadership. Girardi who. Arod who. Texeira who. Well you get the point. They do have some up and coming 

talent. Such as, Sanchez, Didi, and Castro. But the pitching and some fans need improvement. Well I still love the old Yankee stadium. Im from the Bronx. The Boogie Down

Bronx to many. Now enjoy this photo of what a real house looks like and let us continue to hunt for the top.

Ps. haters will hate, but David Ortiz and the Red sox are on top.

Photograph by: Jose Rojas