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War & Peace, by JOSE ROJAS

"God bless America" I was told since day one. Now Im on new level and have a found new respect for my country the United States of America. I bleed Red,White and blue. My pride is above many. I don't think i was trained to belief this. I only know is the right thing to do. I have always taken my pill with lots of clean water. Now for the creation of this poster is nothing but a representation of a collage of images representing the liberation of people seeking freedom. And we as Americans know how to free those that want liberation. We free the Europeans, Indians, Africans and know the middle east. But before we free them from terror we will use the most advance weapons known to mankind. So what if a few thousands of innocent died. We are here because we heard your cries. So be thankful to America. We are liberators and we love natural resources, nature is our number one concern. We only used earth friendly weapons and we will leave you free form the things you never had. So this poster is to you, the ones that create war and kill others because they are killing themselves. This is not to be taken serious is a work of art and the Artist brain is not fully function. The artist was liberated himself. Collaged Poster by Dominican, American Jose Rojas  warposter2.jpg