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The Art book of Jose RojasĀ 

Some people know me and many don’t, with that in mind. Let me remind you that I’m a simple human doing what I love when I have time. I enjoy the comments, likes and critics that come along and share their views. I would also love to see some of art piece be part of your lives. Always keep in mind that to be great we need to be great ourselves. Support your creative community. Jose Rojas  

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Hot of the press

The summer is finally over and we look forward to the last 4 months of the Year. Today I’m posting this painting made with acrylic on canvas. It’s a beautiful piece done from my dreamy fantasy world. Sometimes it best to listen and be different inhale and let your mind take you to that special place. 

Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30. By Jose Rojas. Copyright September 2015.

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