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Jose Rojas happening this week: 

a look back at this week acomplishements. I had a wonderful week. I got some art work done in the studio, clean up and organized a bit. Took time to visit the the gym and do some exercises cardio and weight lifting. I also documented some of my meals for this cutting season. Jose Rojas also had the opportunity to visit some old friends. Here is a picture of some of things highlighted above.

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Artist to watch: Jose Rojas

artist a Jose Rojas has done a numerous amount of work. While he stays under the radar and keeps working hard. Jose Rojas is becoming a genious in his colorful fun styled. Here is a quick glance at his current master piece. Always reaching in the treasure crate of top artist, including Keith haring, Andy Warhol, jean Basquait and many others as you can see in this painting. He keeps  his art in secret and many continue to ask for more.  

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Art should be fun.

New painting from artist Jose Rojas. Virgin Pop

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