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New Art From Jose Rojas

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the native queen dressed in yellow, with a white flower on the side of her head. in a orange, red and blue background. great for your wall.

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Week in review


a quick look at recent dishes prepared and cook to achieve a healthy lean body. Of course, we need a portion control balance meal daily. To ensure that your are receiving all the nutrients require to maintain a healthy body. A nutrition built on the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. My nutrition looks something like this. This is and example and it varies from day to day. Proteins 40%, fats 30% and carbs 30%. Consult a nutritionist before engaging in any diet for a more dept analysis of your needs.

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Still Life flower vase

There is nothing more Beautyful than a vase full of fresh flower. This painted art piece will decorate your wall. Making it the focal point and the same time bringing a relaxing mood to your room.


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Mindset, By: Jose Rojas

The healing process start with a mildest. Setting your mind free and letting it go. Using vibrant yellow, red, blue and grey brings us closer.


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Love by Jose Rojas

My new Art piece tittle love, the word Love in multi color letters and background color.


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Follow our Dreams. 


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Purple elephant 

purple elephant is now on display and on sale go see it for yourself and purchase a few prints or the original.